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With this revolutionary new cookbook you can use your body's natural ability to start "burning" every ounce of unwanted fat almost overnight, getting the body you could only dream of before… while savoring delicious entrees and irresistible homemade desserts every single day.


Feeling Sexier Than Ever...

Here, finally, is a chance to get back to the good old days when you were slim and trim... simply by enjoying scrumptious meals that can take any woman at any weight… and transform your body into a "lean, mean, fat burning machine" that will leave your girlfriends green with envy… and men slack-jawed in amazement.

Leave Men Slack-Jawed in Amazement!

Delecious Entrees and deserts

That's just a small taster of what's waiting for you. This cookbook is called the "500 Fat Burning Recipes". It took the internet's premier fitness trainer, Chad Tackett, over 20 years to research and create. And it's been tested and proven by hundreds of women just like you

I cannot stress how powerfully these recipes will transform your life. There is no other cookbook like this anywhere. Until now, these mouthwatering recipes were revealed to women in a members-only weight-loss club.

But now, with the sudden release of this new breakthrough cookbook, you can satisfy your healthy appetite and your burning desire to finally lose every unwanted pound.

And these recipes are so quick and easy, you'll be able to prepare your first tasty, nutritious meal tonight. Because none of these irresistible recipes need any strange ingredients. Every single one can be made with ingredients from your fridge and store cupboards… and most can be prepared in around 30 minutes.

It can all be yours

Fit into that "little black dress" ...


… or you're desperate to finally lose all the extra pounds you've been carrying around for years.

No matter what weight you are now…
you can enjoy your all-time favorite meals
and lose every ounce of stubborn fat.

Its all about the...

Wickedly Delicous

If you've struggled to lose weight drinking gloopy milkshakes
(but feeling ravenous 30 minutes later)…

… or spending hundreds of dollars a month on meals delivered to your door (and wondering if nibbling on the cardboard box would taste better than the food)…

… or pouring over the tiny "nutrition facts" box like a frantic CPA on April 15…

… then you'll be thrilled at how easy it is to be slender and sexy with over 500 mouthwatering recipes in the


But How Does

Here's the science bit:

You see there are special foods that help burn your stored fat. They're called thermogenic. Basically that means they release heat. It's this heat that speeds up fat burning and helps you lose weight.

Like turning the dial on your thermostat at home makes your furnace kick in,

Eating Thermogenic Foods Makes Your "Internal Furnace" Kick in and Burn More Fat

And here's the good news. Unlike a diet, where you're tired and listless because you're starving your body… with the appetizing recipes in the "500 Fat Burning Recipes", you'll be "firing on all cylinders" because all that burning fat turns into energy.



As you can see, these are not bland recipes developed by men in white coats in the research laboratory of some major diet corporation. No. These are...

All Time Family Favorites

Of course, Chad Tackett, the personal trainer behind the "500 Fat Burning Recipes", contributed his own flavorsome recipes. But one of the biggest reasons women struggle to lose weight is surrendering to their cravings for yummy, feel-good "comfort foods".

That's why Chad asked the members of his exclusive weight-loss club to send him their time-tested, family favorites... and he transformed them into "fat-burning" recipes packed with all the flavors they loved.

The "500 Fat Burning Recipes" has literally a healthy, delicious version of every kind of "comfort food" and family favorite you can imagine…


With the "500 Fat Burning Recipes" in your kitchen, the days of preparing two meals (one "regular" meal for your family and one "special" meal for you) are long gone. These are succulent recipes your whole family will love, and you can enjoy them together around your dinner table.

If you're serious about losing every extra pound and finally getting the body you deserve… while savoring delicious entrees and irresistible homemade desserts… then you should already have made up your mind to get the "500 Fat Burning Recipes".

But how much does it cost?

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig can run you up to a staggering $399.95 a month...

Weight Watchers costs around $47 a month...

Or you can buy the

500 Fat Burning Recipes for only $47

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You don't risk a penny, either. Because the "500 Fat Burning Recipes" backed you with a…

60 Days 100% Money Back "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

Here's how that guarantee works: Order the "500 Fat Burning Recipes" today. Pick one of the tempting recipes and cook it tonight.

If you and your family aren't convinced it isn't as easy to prepare and as yummy as you were promised… then simply email our customer support team and ask for your money back… and you'll be rushed a refund of every penny.

And that guarantee doesn't hold just for tonight. It's there for the next 60 days. That's plenty of time to see the weight start to easily melt away.

But Heres the icing

The biggest Loser secrets

Chad Tackett worked closely with one of the former trainers from NBC's "The Biggest Loser" and best-selling author, to reveal the secrets being used on Biggest Loser contestants to achieve fast, awesome results, Chad lets you in on...

  • The 15 start-up tips she gave Biggest Loser contestants (that helped them lose hundreds of pounds)…
  • A comprehensive grocery list so you can easily put together effects meal plans..
  • Sample meals straight from "The Biggest Loser"

10 Best Fat Burning Tricks

In this content-packed report you'll discover how to drop over 10 pounds in 10 days so you can get a major jump start on acheiving your goals. And you'll learn…

  • How to make healthy homemade soda…
  • How to enjoy your favorite “forbidden” food with feeling guilt…
  • The secret to taking on board more water (without having to drink an extra glass)…
  • How to snack all day (and not gain a single pound)…
  • And more.

Eating Out Guide

This short and sweet report is packed full of advice you can follow immediately when eating out. It reveals…

  • The do's and don'ts of dining out...
  • What food to avoid at all costs...
  • How to avoid sabotaging your results...
  • What you can eat if fast food is your only choice.

The days of saying “I’ll just have a salad” will be gone when you discover the secrets waiting for you in the Eating Out Guide.

The Temptation Grocery Shopping Tou

In this special report, you’ll find help to save time and money when grocery shopping. This handy guide also makes sure you’re prepared, knowing what you are going to eat and when, so you’ll find it even easier to prepare the delicious recipes in the “500 Fat Burning Recipes”. Inside you’ll find...


  • How to shop healthy & resist the junk...
  • What to buy at bargain shopper prices...
  • How see through the big companies trying to trick you...
  • The top 15 money savers that will cut your grocery bill by hundreds of dollars.

… and all you have to do is follow through and give the
"500 Fat Burning Recipes" a "test drive".

At absolutely zero risk.

If you're not thrilled with the delicious entrees
and irresistible homemade desserts, just email us within
the 60-day guarantee period…

… and we'll rush your refund back to you. No questions asked.

But you get to keep the bonuses. It's our gifts to you, just for trusting un enough to see what 500 Fat Burning REcipes has to offer

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Owning this package is going to change your life on the deepest level
imaginable. So, it's up to you.

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